About Us

About Us

About Art Into Action

Art Into Action is an international program about the Natural World Museum (NWM) designed to actualize sustainable culture using art as a catalyst to inspire, educate, and engage the public in environmental conservation.

NWM established art into action as an innovative series of traveling environmental art exhibits and special events that bring together a coalition of individuals, organizations, and businesses who believe that art inspired by nature serves as a catalyst for cultural evolution. The art works featured in these exhibitions generate interactive participation through workshops, lectures, symposia, film series, and cultural performances. By participating in Art Into Action, people are taking part cultivating a new culture that empowers us to make informed decisions about protecting our endangered planet and unites us in developing common solutions that result in positive social change.

About The Natural World Museum

NWM is a cultural institution which provides interpretive art exhibitions to cultivate environmental awareness and inspire social engagement in global conservation.

Serving as a prototype for cultural institutions around the world, NWM demonstrates that the fusion of art and environment is a powerful synergistic tool for positive social change.

About Environmental Art

Environmental Art is not just an art movement; it is a social movement. Creative expression is how we humans have turned our concepts and beliefs into action. Thirty thousand years ago, art evolved out of humankind’s relation to the natural world. Today, NWM provides a unique context for exploring environmental preservation through art and education. It is hoped that in the process of sharing artists’ deep sense of belonging to our earth, in works of art ranging from ancient and indigenous objects to traditional contemporary forms and multi-media visions, that the consciousness of humanity can evolve to a deeper understanding of what it means to be a part of the legacy of our natural world.

Art is the cornerstone of conservation and the emblem of civilization. Mia Hanak, Executive Director, Natural World Museum

By providing the public with a cultural venue in which the community at large can explore, interpret, and honor the world in which we live, we will be able to nurture the seed of sustainable culture and inspire a new generation of environmental stewards to protect our vanishing wilderness. From art aficionados to conservationists, from tourists to students there will be something for everyone who shares a common interest in the splendor of the natural world. Urban Jungle provides an opportunity for people to connect with the art of nature and contemplate the nature of art, a museum without walls.