Global Warming Won’t Affect Wind Energy Production

Global Warming Won’t Affect Wind Energy Production

wind-energyAlternative energy it’s an option that picked up our interest for decades, being ecofriendly and also endless, or so we thought. Wind energy, for example does seem to have a great potential. Governments and important names in the energy industry want to build more wind turbines and expand this business. At present 2% of the whole energy in America is represented by wind energy. The potential is huge, especially in the Great Plains and the Great Lakes (Lakes Michigan, Superior and Erie), but with the last century climate changes, people are concerned about the viability of their projects. Now it’s the scientists turn to make solid predictions and determine what would be the evolution of the wind intensity and direction in the coming decades. Will the global warming change everything we know?

The scientists have used three different models: the Canadian Regional Climate Model, the Regional Climate Model 3and the Hadley Centre Model, so that their results would be more credible. All three climate models have shown no major change in the wind intensity even with an increase of global temperature of about two degrees. The study has been made on the lower 48 American states and a part of northern Mexico. The only differences that could be observed between the models were similar with the variations of wind intensity usually seen in wind patterns.

The importance of this study is even greater because it is the first done for this particular purpose, and it opens the way for other, more advanced ones. The energy industry is continuously expanding and the investment done to develop better and more efficient wind turbines needs to be backed up by some reliable assurances, especially since the goal in wind energy is that it will represent about 20% of America’s total energy production by 2030.

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