Protecting the Marine World

Protecting the Marine World

LionfishThe protection of the marine world has increased in the last few years. There has been an increase of areas that are considered protected reserves. Many of the conservationists have stated that they are happy with the fact that more reserves are being created because this is an expensive way of keeping up with them. However there has been some discontent with the fact that the areas that ought to be protected have not been chosen.

The creation of reserves started in 2006 in Hawaii and it was encouraged by then president of the United States George W. Bush. More reserves started to be created in the following years and some of them are completely protected whereas not even fishing is allowed. At least one percent of the total reserved area is considered to be large reserves which can measure up to 100,000 km2.

One of the goals that the Biological Diversity Convention has established is that by the year 2020 they want to have 10 percent of the total ocean area marked as protected. This of course is an extremely aggressive goal that will require a lot of work in order to complete it in the next nine years.

Earlier this month Australia announced that they want to protect a total area of 320,000 km2 in the coming months however it was been discussed that this plan doesn’t cover every type of habitat as it has been established.

One thing to consider is the high costs of maintaining these reserves. It is estimated that all the protected areas are costing around 2 billion dollars every year. On the other hand, environmentalists and conservationists keep on insisting and emphasizing that the reserves are truly efficient and that larger areas tend to be more successful than the small areas.

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