Risk Business and the Canadian Forest

Risk Business and the Canadian Forest


The Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement is like the name describes it an agreement made between groups that are looking to protect the environment and the forestry industry. They are looking to keep 30 million hectares untouched and submit 42 million more to allow harvesting of trees only. The deal was made public just this month of May and it is, to this date, the largest attempt to protect the forest.

Representatives of many different associations have stated that they are looking forward to working as a team in order to be able to still meet human needs but also keeping mind not to pollute or destroy the environment.

Other groups are wary about the agreement because they believe not much will be actually done due to the different timber companies that are indisposed to following any forced rules. Therefore given the discrepancies between the visions of the different groups, there might not be much done in the future.

Some of the companies that are involved in the deal currently hold the rights to a great portion of the forest but they are willing to give up certain areas if the environmentalists stop boycotting their products.

The deadline for the agreement to come to a conclusion is one year from today; both parts need to discuss the different issues. They are trying to determine what regions of the forest should be turned in to parks that would be either national or provincial. However one of the main problems affecting the agreement itself is the fact that aboriginal groups were not taken into consideration for this matter and they are truly discontented by it. They have stated that the agreement should be terminated due to the fact that many of the areas in question are where the aboriginal communities are located and have authority over them.

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