Visualizing Change: Melting Ice

Visualizing Change: Melting Ice

Two of the biggest, The Natural World Museum, a.k.a. NWM partnering with the United Nations Environment Programme or UNEP made an innovative art exhibit featuring the masterpiece of several artists from different countries, which includes photographs, sculptures, paintings and video clips. The art exhibit captured a theme of Melting Ice, which deals with the change in the environment and the effect to people and other creatures as well as the alterations in the atmosphere when the snow melts.

Truly, the effect of Melting Ice is very alarming that it should not be taken for granted and requires a cause of action. More so, the Randy Rosenberg, Curator of this environmental change conveyed the phenomenon which is happening to the Arctic Ocean from the Andes. The event or artistic exhibition was first shown from June 5 to August 20, 2007 at Oslo, Norway, which continued spreading from October 2007 up to February of 2008 in Belgium. Another event happened on February 18, 2008 to March 16, 2008 at Brussels Bozar of Fine Arts then moved to Minaco and to the United States thereafter at the Field Museum from April 18 of 2008 which ended until September 6 of the same year.

Undeniably, the participants of the event contributed such an amazing campaign and movement for a change. Each artist had shared a thought provoking artistry of their own masterpiece in order to catch the minds of the participants envisioning the drastic change of the environment including the alterations which have a great effect to all living globally.

The event, “Melting Ice / A Hot Topic”, certainly is a challenge not only to the leaders of every State or Country. It is an individual and personal challenge to every human of how to preserve the environment. Climate change and the Melting Ice are categorically linked with one – caring less of our environment.
Let the campaign move from one State to another and even reaching to all countries all over the world.

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